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Loyalty Scheme

Here at Peak Boutique we love nothing more than giving back to our Loyal Customers!

We have therefore come up with something unique for our Boutique Lovers!

As a Thank You to those who shop at www.peakboutique.co.uk, we have designed a Loyalty Scheme so that you can earn points on your purchases, and reap the rewards!

Whether you are shopping from the UK, Europe or the Rest of the World - you can collect points on all your purchases!

Once you reach a certain amount of points, they can then be redeemed against purchases as Store Credit!

With our Loyalty Scheme, there is no need to sit around and wait for a Points Card, or worry about activating it! All you need to do is 'Register' an Account with us. Once you have done this, on any orders you make - as long as you Login to your Account at the Checkout Page - points will automatically be logged onto your Account against a transaction. It's that simple! And the best thing about it... it's free of charge!


The Way our Loyalty Scheme Works:

For every £1 spent = 10 points

So £10 spent = 100 points, £100 spent = 1,000 points etc...

Once you reach 1,000 points or more, you can redeem £5 at the checkout, which will be discounted off your order. Once you have redeemed your points, they will then go back down to 0. Or alternatively you can wait until you reach 5,000 points for example (£500 spend), to redeem £25 off your order. The choice is yours!


Our Points System:

  • 1,000 + points = £5 credit 
  • 2,000 + points = £10 credit
  • 3,000 + points = £15 credit 
  • 4,000 + points = £20 credit 
  • 5,000 + points = £25 credit


Get Collecting Guys!! Xx